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Website Design and Development Services for Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center

Internet Website Design for Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center

Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center was being featured in an upcoming article and wanted to prepare a website for readers of the article to visit in advance of the publication date in 2012. The site would also be useful to referred patients as well, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the Center. DDA designed the site to reflect the calm and relaxing environment that Shore Point prides itself on, while also looking sophisticated to evoke a sense of the specialized care and advanced technology that the Center employs every day. The site includes an online request form for consultations and content provided by DDA's copywriters describing Shore Point's methods, experience, and commitment to patient care.

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DDA provides award-winning custom medical eLearning design and development. DDA combines text, video, 2D and 3D animation, voice-over narration, virtual reality, testing components, certification, metrics reporting, and e-Commerce features to create rewarding, deeply engaging interactive multimedia experiences that lead to end-user comprehension and long-term memory retention. Each eLearning platform produced by DDA is housed in its own custom designed and developed learning management system (LMS), which can be infinitely scaled over time, allowing for the addition of new eLearning courses, continual updates to content, and more advanced metrics reports for greater insight into learning experiences. DDA's vertically integrated structure and collaborative work environment coordinates technical and creative capabilities for optimal results. Contact DDA and expand your understanding of what eLearning can do.

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