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PAYredi Payment Portal

In 2011 CHECKredi came to DDA to create a secure online payment system for school districts. DDA answered the call by developing the PAYredi Payment Portal, a customizable online payment processing system that allows parents to purchase needed items for their children securely. The portal is easily customizable, with multiple options for skins, service categories, and payment methods, allowing the tool to meet the exact needs of many different school districts. The portal includes four levels of access, with each level offering thorough reporting functionality. Administrators create the school district accounts and can monitor all reporting, while School Districts and Schools may only view reporting on their specific eCommerce accounts. Parents benefit from a variety of useful eCommerce features, such as the ability to apply funds to student accounts by way of one-time echeck or credit card payment or to schedule automatic payments to these accounts, all within a secure and customizable payment portal. As always, DDA ensured the best possible user experience with a crisp and uncluttered design and an intuitive navigation system that reinforces users' confidence in the security of their transactions.


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