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Internet Website Design for NetMRO
Internet Website Design for NetMRO

For golfers, course style, layout, length, difficulty, and sand and water features all have an effect on their game. With so many factors to choose from, there needed to be an easy way for users to search for the perfect course to fit their golfing needs. For the ultimate in golf course selection, DDA designed, programmed, and developed a Golf Course Fitting System for P3 Designs using 3D animation and custom graphic design. Not only is this search tool user-friendly, engaging, and pleasing to the eye, it includes a comprehensive list of courses around the country for users to choose from, whether they’re searching by personal preference, location, or price.

DDA animated golf courses with five different environments, nine different water and sand variations, and utilized three different course layouts, lengths and levels of difficulty. Each 3D animated graphic dynamically adjusts when the user manipulates a slider, making for both a functional and user-friendly presentation. The back-end database includes all golf course contact information along with matching course characteristics, and it’s easy to update from the administrative database. Course search results reflect the best course option that fits a user’s personal preference based on a variety of features, location, and/or price range. Finally, the entire tool is housed in an appealing graphic user interface (GUI) for both the user and administrator.


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