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Internet Website Design for Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center
Internet Website Design for Shore Point Radiation Oncology Center

DDA designed this eLearning platform for the advanced wound care product manufacturer Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) in January 2012. The platform was designed to train over 1,000 KCI sales associates, with unique content delivered to trainees depending on both their district and their area of specialty. DDA incorporated an elegant design for the platform that helped to further establish KCI's brand. The platform included a wealth of multimedia training materials and DDA-designed custom interactive quizzes to assure appropriate comprehension of those materials. Furthermore, DDA created a live leader board which tracked the highest-performers to drive competition and thereby encourage active engagement with the eLearning platform.

KCI also had a number of powerful administrative features incorporated into the back end of the platform, allowing them to track usage, populate quizzes, manage access, send out blast email communications with users, and generate reports. Among the things included in these reports were all completed test scores and the date of last log in for each user. As always, DDA ensured that the experience of using the virtual training environment was as smooth as possible, with interactive features and an intuitive navigation system that made every visit to the platform a pleasure.


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